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Your support of the film, Ku’s journey and the ongoing federal investigation into the legacy of Indian boarding schools means we can, and will, be able to continue sharing this story along with the many other Indigenous people who have been impacted by the United States policy of forced assimilation. Your contribution directly impacts our ability to ensure this story remains in the hands of Indigenous peoples to uplift and center the stories of Indian boarding school survivors and descendants.


Paige Bethmann, Director & Producer

The Remaining Native Team


Following an active investigation takes time and resources. We have submitted FOIA requests and are planning on following multiple schools, including Stewart, as they participate and collaborate in the Dept. of the Interiors' investigation. 


This film has the potential to reach a wide audience but also to have real-life implications. It will be a tool for teachers and as asset to schools but it also can help push legislation.


As of November 2021, we have completed two weeks of filming with Ku, his family, and the Stewart Indian School. We are going to continue filming into June 2022 and are now at the point where we need funds to make this happen. 


The truth of the Native American Boarding Schools has been well-known by many but still so many remain ignorant to the history. The time to tell the story is now. 


We have been able to obtain in-kind contributions and donated time to prep footage and begin the edit, we will need funds to bring the film to life. We are also hoping to collaborate with Indigenous musicians, artists, and designers to complete the film. 


We will be organizing screenings across the country, brining the film to schools and communities that will serve as ripe areas for conversation and activism. 


Have questions or ways to collaborate? We'd love to hear from you!

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